International Company Muslim Product Quality and Standard Certification Application

International Company Muslim Product Quality and Standard Certification Application Form



Please read the full details and terms below:
Terms of Use of Muslim Product Verification Certificate

1. The Muslim Product Verification Certificate can not be traded, changed or altered in its contents.

2. The use of this Certification Certificate is still subject to all applicable laws or regulations practiced in this country.

3. Any changes to the name of the company, its factory / premises and address, the goods brand, the ingredients and its suppliers and anything connected thereto, shall be notified to, IKIAM PRODUK UMMAH Panel in writing for further information and action.

4. The certificate holder is responsible for any misuse or misappropriation of the certificate, subject to applicable law. In the event of loss or damage to the certificate, it shall be promptly notified to IKIAM PRODUK UMMAH.

5. The Certificate of Authentication may be revoked or terminated legally at any time when it appears that it violates the Terms and Conditions that are prescribed or there is doubtful handling of matters or practices.

6. All owners of a valid Muslim Product Certification owner of a goods or premises are allowed to use the logo (as contained in the relevant certificate) on the goods or premises.

7. Original Muslim Product Certification Certificate must be displayed.

8. Applicants must be Muslim only.

9. Company / Cooperative / NGO must be 100% owned by Muslims.

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